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Saltspring Island Bus Trip September 2014

(Submitted by Jim Pittendreigh)

On Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014, a group went on Janie's Bus to Salt Spring Island, to attend the Salt Spring Fall Fair and Ganges Public Market.  As usual, the Fair was a delightful country agricultural Fair with prized farm animals, demonstrations of sheep-dog herding, home-baking contests, and arts and crafts.  What makes it unique, is the Salt Spring Lamb burgers, and in line with their legendary environmentalism, a display of contemporary electric-powered cars including a Tesla high-powered electric car.  For the children, there was a mini-midway of interesting rides.  After lunch, the group visited the Ganges Public Market, with its many hippy inspired products.

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Here’s a photo of our booth at 2014 VIEX, manned by volunteers Inge and Ruth.

Squamish area Janie's Bus, May 2014

(Submitted by Jim Pittendreigh)

On May 20, 2014, some NHCS members were on an excursion on Janie's bus to the new Sea to Sky Gondola attraction and various attractions in the Squamish area.  It was a wonderful warm spring day enjoyed by all.

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NHCS Members attending Annual Tea for Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program at Wellington School
(photos and text submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

Members of NHCS , that are volunteers @ clients of the Nanaimo Harbour Senior Visiting Program ( a program of the Mid Island Ability and Independent Living Society) are attending the Annual Tea at the Wellington School. The students have put on this tea for the Seniors, for more than 25 years!

Pictures anti-clockwise: Edith Thompson & Fran Nellist; Ray Saunders & Dina Agboatswala ; Carol Sylvest, Hilde Dion & Inge von Stackelberg  ; Wellington students.

Vancouver Zoo on Janie's Bus, April 2014

(Submitted by Jim Pittendreigh)

On Tuesday, April 29th, some Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors had a day-trip on Janie's Bus to the Vancouver Zoo.  Lunch was at the architecturally-interesting Olive Garden in Langley. The day was a beautiful sunny, warm day enjoyed by the seniors and brought out the zoo animals from their enclosures. For those seniors with walking disabilities, the narrow-gauge railway that goes around the park allowed them to see most of the animals. A bonus was being able to see the vast number of changes to Highway #1 and to the City of Langley.
The photos are below, and you can see a short wildlife movie from the trip  by clicking  

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 Langford and  Metchosin tour, January 2014

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

Here are a few photos of the Saturday January 25th 'On The Road' trip with Janie to share. It was a slightly chilly January morning when Janie picked up the group at Bowen Park to join the others on the bus for her day tour of the Langford, Metchosin area. Eagles perched on trees emerging from the fog at the Nanaimo River, no doubt having enjoyed a breakfast of Coho. Throughout the drive south the sun teased us with picture-postcard golden reflections on the water. Not long after a rest stop at Mill Bay Janie turned off the highway to let us see a group of Roosevelt Elk she had spotted taking advantage of an open field. Catching up with fellow passengers passed the time as we continued on our way and there was time for a short tour of the area before an early lunch at the historic 17 Mile Pub (17 miles from Victoria City Hall). The storied building started life in 1894 as the British Ensign Hotel stagecoach stop and the walls display many interesting photographs tracing its history.

Refuelled, we wended up and down back roads lined with mossy rock outcrops and lichen coated trees. Clearings made room for intriguing Metchosin farmsteads and a stop at Peder Bay showed a fisherman's paradise. We had a guided visit through the 1872 Metchosin Schoolhouse which is now a museum filled with interesting community memorabilia. A drive along the Esquimalt Lagoon road through the fog revealed a variety of waterfowl at rest including two varieties of swans gliding above their reflections. Soon it was time to head towards home after a rest stop at Goldstream Village. Oh yes........the trip was rounded off with an ice cream break (or fruit/vegetable shopping) at the Old Farm Market! All together another interesting day out with Janie despite the west coast fog..   Margaret

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NHCS Members attending Xmas lunch for Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program
(photos and text submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

 On Dec. 17th, several members of NHCS attended the annual Christmas Lunch, put on by the MIA&ILS for the clients & volunteers of their Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program. A volunteer cook and some kitchen elves prepared a tasty turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The tables were decorated with beautiful table centre pieces, created by some of the members. Music was provided by Graham Gates. Santa made an appearance and everybody had a great time.

NHCS “Crafty Workers" presented a cheque for $ 1200.00 to Cathy Robson, Executive Director of the MIA&ILS for their Senior Program. The money was raised during our recent bazaar on Nov. 28th at Bowen Centre, with contributions from the NHCS Quilters and the Brasilian Embroidery group. The Crochet Group presented Cathy with a cheque for $ 241.00.  An additional $ 175.00 was raised at this event by the “Crafty Workers" from sales of crafted items and an Afghan Raffle. 

My thanks go to All that contributed by donating  yarn for us to work with, donating handcrafted items for sale, buying raffle tickets and attending the event to purchase our goods,


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Craft Groups Annual Xmas Fair, Nov 28 2013

(photos submitted by Inge von Stackelberg and Bettie Godfrey, President of NHCS)

The always popular and successful bazaar was held in the Bowen Centre in late November.
About $1400 was raised from Crafty Workers, Quilters and other tables  and will be donated to the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Program

There are TWO slideshows of photos below, and you can also see a 30-second video of setting up the bazaar HERE

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Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program and NHCS Craft Groups (October 2013)

(submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

Mid Island Ability Society was chosen out of 61 Nominees to receive the Charity Van for their Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program,  donated by Mr. Gordon Halkett from Realist Realty and 2 years of Maintenance by Midas Automotive.
Members of Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors have been volunteers and supporters of this group NSVS  for many years . We thank All that have nominated us to receive this van.
Some of Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Craft Groups will donate all proceeds from their upcoming Bazaar on Nov. 28th, from 10AM to 2PM, to the Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program.
We will be grateful for all the help we can get. So please come and shop at the Bazaar, donate some crafted items and share this information.

Back row:   left   Jeff Boegel,   centre  Cathy Robson ,   right   Leo Coma (Board)
Front left to right: Inge von Stackelberg  - volunteer,     Piera Jung,      Bernice Johnson  ( Board Members),   Vonnie  Wilton - Client,     Roland von Stackelberg - Volunteer

Left:  Owner of Midas Automotive, Don Goldsbury - donated 2 years of vehicle maintenance
Centre: Owner of Realist Realty, Gordon Halkett -  donated van

Right:  Mayor John Ruttan            
Front: Cathy Robson Exec. Director                                

Crafty Workers check out new supplies, August 2013

(submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

Members of the Nanaimo Harbour City " Crafty Workers" went looking for craft supplies at the Giant Garage Sale put on by the Mid Island Ability and Independent Living Society.
The Nanaimo Senior Visiting Program ( formerly Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society NSVS) is one of the programs under this Society and has benefited from the proceeds of various fundraisers that the " Crafty Workers" and friends, have staged over the years.
The Craft Workers fall season starts on Sept. 4th 2013 from 1PM - 3 PM and are they looking for new members who like to do crafts in a social setting.

Crafty Workers and Crochet Group BBQ, July 2013

(submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

On July 31st, 2013 Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society (NSVS) put on their annual BBQ at Bethlehem Retreat, which was well attended by clients & volunteers.
Members of Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors " Crafty Workers" and Crochet Group helped out and raised $ 130.00 for the society with a small draw and sale of the popular dish clothes

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Fort Langley trip, June 2013

(submitted by Jim Pittendreigh)

On June 5, 2013 some NHCS members went on a day-trip to Fort Langley with Janie's Bus.  We crossed the Fraser River on the new Port Mann Bridge and returned on the new Golden Ears Bridge.  The original Fort Langley was built by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1827, in a location that was advantageous for trade with the First Nations, arable soil for agriculture, and as a transshipment depot for furs from interior HBC trading posts.  In 1858, it was the site for announcing a Proclamation that created the Crown colony of British Columbia.  The present Fort Langley is a re-creation of the old Fort Langley, with the exception of the Storehouse building (building number 7 on the map) which is an original building like Nanaimo's Bastion.  Parks Canada has a blacksmith shop, cooperage (barrel making), and gold panning as working exhibits.

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NSVS Tea party, June 2013

(submitted by Inge von Stackelberg)

Some members of NHCS, that are clients and volunteers of the  Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society,  attending the delightful annual tea put on by the students of the Wellington School. The Student Union has organized this tea for more than 20 years..The sandwiches and baked squares, as well as the musical entertainment provided by the students were much enjoyed.

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Quadra Island Trip, May 2013

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

Swaths of golden broom brightened the way on a cool morning as we drove the highway north to Campbell River. We had a misty ferry crossing to Quadra Island where our first stop was at quiet Cape Mudge Village with it's little wooden church, petroglyph boulders, unique totem-supported shelter by the ocean and the intriguing Nuyumbalees Cultural Centre Museum. Lunch was at the Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge with high beams,windows looking towards Campbell River, and westcoast menu. Refueled we had the choice of walking the trail or riding the bus to Cape Mudge Lighthouse which is over 100 years old for photos and a short beach walk. Back on the bus again Janie drove us along green sheltered island roads to a farm vineyard where we were greeted by the family dog and welcomed to the tasting room in the cozy log building. Once purchases`were safely stowed it was time for a stroll on Rebecca Spit with the bonus of seeing a seiner setting it's net then pulling in a catch.....too far away to see the fish but the universal fisherman's call of "it's a big one" did reach some ears. 
First timers discovered that ice cream is considered an essential part of the day trips and seemed happy to indulge at Terry's. We also fitted in a quick tour of Heriot Bay and "downtown" Quadra before it was time to catch the ferry back to Campbell River for supper. Lots of deer and fauns were out browsing on the lush grass by the side of the highway on the way home, eagles and turkey vultures soared aloft and we spotted a healthy looking black bear wandering along a green bank. A  fitting end to a late spring day tour.

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Sooke Trip, May 2013

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

Saturday morning in early May and we were all eager to get on the bus for Janie's day trip to Sooke so the kilometers soon passed sharing stories and watching the scenery on the highway south.  Before Victoria the winding humpback road took us away from the highway traffic through the huge trees and mossy rocks. Back on the more traveled pavement the red and white Triangle Island Lighthouse and a welcoming Spirit Bear sculpture showed us the way to the Sooke Region Museum. The interior of the museum combines an information centre,gift shop and many displays covering the area history (logging,fishing,first nations etc). Outside there are several interesting buildings ( e.g. bunkhouse,Moss Cottage) accessed by easy paths and brightened with well maintained plantings. Also attracting attention of young and old around the buildings are collections of machinery. A couple of hours can easily go pleasantly by at this museum. A short tour around Sooke included a local market and lunch at Mom's Cafe where the desserts are extremely tempting. A good walk in the fresh sea air at Whiffen Spit helped burn off calories and the mist lifted a little in the breeze showing us paddle boarders and kayakers on the water, rocky landscapes and wave skimming cormorants. Sooke Potholes Park provided quite different landscape, a cliff  top trail above the potholes, wild flowers on ledges and open flat areas in the sun. A huge stone chimney and rocky steps, fireplace and archways created speculation about the person who had big plans and dreamed of a  unique resort high above the Sooke River. The enormous beams which once stood here are long gone with the dream and only the stones remain as a reminder. Another of the island stories we hear when we get out in a group exploring with Janie.  On the bus again it was a chance to relax on the way home, with a break at the farm market, and decide what trip to go on next.

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Wildflower walk at Harewood Plains, May 2013

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

Our leader Mark again produced a bright sunny morning for the group to enjoy our walk at Harewood Plains. After several days of unusually hot weather it was becoming quite dry, allowing the grasses to start the task of taking over from the early wild flowers. Once again he had  picked a perfect day to see a great flower display before they vanished until next spring. It was lovely to see masses of Camas in full bloom and a wide variety of flowers spreading across the "meadows" colouring the thin soil of this fragile area. Salmon Berry, Thimbleberry and Elder as well as wild Strawberry blossom hinted at fruits soon to come. A sharp eyed "wanderer" spotted a clump of Nanaimo's official flower, Lotus Pinnata, a rarity and (like the rest of the gated area) protected by the Friends of Harewood Plains. Birdsong, fluttering butterflies and interesting conversation added to the experience. It was another special day to enjoy fresh air, nature's bounty and great views with an amiable group not too far from downtown Nanaimo.       Margaret

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A trip to Salt Spring Island, April 2013

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

Janie took us on a day trip to Salt Spring Island on Saturday so I thought I'd share some photos.
Saturday morning started out like a typical spring day on the island...cloudy, blustery and unsettled ...when we climbed aboard the bus with Janie.  We were soon on the road and passed through a few patches of drizzle before loading on the little ferry for a short ride to Salt Spring Island. Despite the grey skies we were pleased to find a bustling scene at the Ganges Market and for the next few hours the sun easily dried up the intermittent sprinkles.  Colourful stalls offered preserves,garden produce, bedding plants, food and all sorts of local arts and crafts while a couple of musicians entertained the strolling shoppers. After sampling the market wares there was time for a quick look around Ganges and a snack before Janie negotiated the pot holes on the road winding up Mount Maxwell. Quite a few of the passengers climbed the short trail to the lookout point to marvel at the views and take some . photos. The wind was really gusting so we soon returned to the shelter of the bus to continue our tour through the green, pastoral Salt Spring Island landscape. Quite a few vineyards have been planted among the rolling hills which used to be mostly dedicated to sheep.We enjoyed the funky stores and bakery at "downtown" Fulford Harbour, peaceful Burgoyne Bay and  Ruckle Park with its trails,historic farm and, when we were there, a flock of turkeys feeding at the edge of the trees. The Salt Spring Island Cheeseworks in a rural garden setting provided entertainment in the form of a busy hen yard and a visit to the goat pens. The little shop was full to overflowing when we did some serious cheese, pickle and preserve tasting. Quite a few parcels of tasty treats were brought back on to the bus as well as the inevitable ice-cream cones. Too soon we wound our way back to Vesuvius bay for the ferry to Crofton. A final stop at Russell Farm Market then Janie drove us back to Nanaimo in the sun after another happy day out..     Margaret

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Crafty Workers – recent donations to local causes.

(from Inge von  Stackelberg)
Carol on behalf of the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors "Crafty Workers" making a presentation of $ 328.00 from our recent Salvation Army Garage Sale, to Cathy Robson, Program Coordinator for Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society.

The “Crafty Workers" also donated two Afghans that were recently auctioned off at a Daybreak Rotary Club of Nanaimo Meeting and raised $ 150.00 to help with the programs for elderly and shut in seniors.

(There are pics from the garage sale just below this entry)

Crafty Workers Fund-Raiser March 2013
The Crafty Workers have raised a considerable amount for local causes over the year. There are several other entries about them on this page. This is their latest effort .

(from Inge von  Stackelberg):  Carol and I from the Nanaimo Harbour City " Crafty Workers"  had a small fundraiser at the Sally Anne Hall on March 23rd in order to raise funds for the Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society ( former NTVS Nanaimo Telephone Visiting Society)
At this very busy event we spread the word about  the activities at Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors as well as the mandate of the Nanaimo Senior Visiting Society and their programs. As you might be aware, that group offers support and visits as well as outings, to the elderly and lonely. This is the segment of our society that often falls through the cracks, as they no longer drive and often become isolated over time.

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A trip to the Maple Sugar Festival in Duncan, February 2013

(Submitted by Margaret Dyke)

I took my camera on the trip with Janie to the Maple Sugar Festival on Saturday so here are some photos to share.
It was a misty morning when Janie took the group to the Maple Sugar Festival at the Forestry Discovery Centre in Duncan. Many of the buildings were open with rooms authentically set up as they would have been in the early days at logging camps (even down to the pitted wood floors from the tramp of caulk boots). A trip on the little train or a wander through the woods revealed many interesting pieces of equipment and buildings. As well as seeing the logging exhibits on this occasion it was possible to join a guided tour showing how our Big Leaf Maples can be tapped. Sap was being boiled down and there were vendors with a surprising variety of products made from these local maples. Maple tea, maple water, cookies, brittle, and cupcakes were temptingly laid out together with bottles of syrup. Not quite the same flavour as from the famed Sugar Maples of Quebec but tasty nevertheless. After an interesting morning it was off for a warming lunch in Duncan where everyone shared their experiences. On the way home we had a side trip to see the eagles appreciating the new compost facilities at Duke Point . We ended the day marveling at the huge metal vanes and base parts at the storage facility awaiting transport to the north island for the new energy producing windfarm. Another intriguing and enjoyable day out with Janie and her beautifully decorated bus.
For those of you who know about crummys, steam donkeys, come-a-longs, spar trees etc there's one photo that needs a name. It's the last in the slideshow below.   If you know the machine then please Email here

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More Stained Glass art

Ron Poier and his latest creation - HotRod

Table Tennis group Xmas party 2012

(Submitted by Wally)

A few photos of Seniors Table-tennis Annual Christmas Party.

Held on 17th December 2012 at the Departure Bay Hall, with 27 players attending.

Good food and good fellowship for all who enjoy playing the game.

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Christmas Craft Bazaar 2012

A "Thank You" from the "Crafty Workers" and the Crochet Group – from Inge von Stackelberg

We would like to thank all who helped us to make our Christmas Bazaar on Nov. 15th, 2012 a success.
Your donations of yarn for us to work with, donating handcrafted items for sale, buying raffle tickets, attending the event to purchase our goods, helped us to raise $ 1500.00 from the Crafty Workers table and book sales, which will be donated to the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation. This money will help to purchase vital equipment for our new ER.
The Crochet Group raised over $ 400.00 through their Craft Sales & Gift Box Draw, which will be donated to the Palliative Care Unit at the Nanaimo Hospital.

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Mount Washington, September 2012

(Photos and commentary from Margaret Dyke)   
A group of us went on a day trip to Mount Washington with Janie and were once again lucky with the weather..bright and sunny although a little chilly on the mountain and a few clouds did pass over. A stop at Buckley Bay for refreshments and other essentials was made before we continued north on the highway and up the winding road to the base of the chairlift on Mount Washington. There was time to admire our surroundings, pop in to the gift shop and take some photos before we took our window seats at Fat Teddy's for warming and tasty lunches. The windows looked out on the peaks of Strathcona Park against a blue sky as well as giving us a glimpse of the Comox Glacier. Next stop was at the head of the Paradise Meadows trail. It is very well named for the peaceful setting sheltered by mountains and containing well placed rocks and trees, clear pools and interesting views all courtesy of mother nature. The boardwalk gave easy access for our walk, places to rest or feed the eager Grey Jays/Whiskey Jacks and more cautious Stellers Jays, and many photo opportunities. Small patches of wildflowers (including Blue Gentians waiting for more warmth to open their petals) and berried plants lent colour to the scene unfolding before us as we followed the meandering trail. Back on the bus again the road down to the valley revealed Denman and Hornby islands "afloat" in a soft blue Salish Sea with hazy mountains of the mainland in the background. A stop at the Comox Valley Information Centre allowed us to see the plane mounted outside and some interesting exhibits. Janie took the scenic ocean side roads back south with a stop at Qualicum Bay for the icecream break. Our last stop was at the Qualicum Cheese factory and Mooberry Winery where my camera got a good lick from a friendly calf! Another interesting day on the road with Janie, sharing experiences with other seniors.
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