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What is Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors (NHCS)?
Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors is a volunteer organization that exists to provide opportunities for all senior citizens in our community to lead more meaningful, active, healthy and complete lives by enabling them to participate in organized activities and make new friends.

What are the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Association's (NHCS) Goals and Objectives?
Our Association's Goals and Objectives were just updated at our 2016 Annual General Meeting.
  • to promote the visibility and membership in our Society
  • to encourage participation, interaction and program development for the benefit of all members
  • to promote a warm, friendly and welcoming environment
  • to promote usage of all available facilities and equipment among our members
  • to continue to encourage active involvement by the general membership in committees and special projects.
Does the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Association have Terms of Reference that they go by?
Yes.  The Association updated their Terms of Reference at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

What does the NHCS Board of Directors do?

The Board of (10) Directors act as a liaison between the NHCS members and the City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, Culture and Environment department, in particular the City Seniors Coordinator.  We promote and encourage new programmes, fund-raising for projects or activities, convene some special activities, and encourage volunteerism within the organization itself.
The Board holds scheduled monthly meetings (1st Friday), September to June.  An annual general meeting is held in May.

What types of programmes do you have? 
Arts & crafts, Cards & games, Dance, Fitness & Yoga, Music, Sports, bus trips. Check HERE for the schedule.

Who can join NHCS?
If you or your spouse or partner is at least 60 years of age, you can join. There is no residential requirement.

How long is membership, and what does it cost?
Memberships are good for one month or one year, from the time of purchase.
  • One month     $11.20
  • One year     $41.45
Membership fees help off-set the costs of offering and housing programmes within city facilities.  Most programmes are free or low cost. However, some programmes have an additional fee to cover the cost of having a certified instructor present or to cover the cost of materials.

How do I purchase a membership?
Memberships can be purchased in person or over the phone by calling 250-755-7501.
In-person purchase of membership can be made at the following locations:
  • Bowen Complex, 500 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
  • Beban Pool, 2300 Bowen Road, Nanaimo
  • Oliver Woods Community Centre, 6000 Oliver Road, Nanaimo
  • Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, 741 Third Street, Nanaimo
All membership and registration fees are paid to the city of Nanaimo.” 

How do I connect with the Board to find out more information? 
Choose from the list of Directors in the latest Newsletter, or email: NHCS President to have further questions answered or to arrange a tour of the Bowen Centre facility.

Will I be notified when my membership expires?
On class attendance lists you will see your expiration date next to your name.  We appreciate if you take the time to note this for yourself.  Office staff will also give you ONE reminder call (will not be repeated if you don’t or can’t answer the call). You must have a paid-up membership to register for all programmes.

I would like to volunteer; who do I talk to?
If you would like to volunteer for programme related activity, please contact Michele Duerksen, Recreation Coordinator, email:  Recreation Coordinator.
If you would like to volunteer for Board events or service, please email: NHCS President
Board initiatives include:
  • Open House (March)
  • Welcome Tea (October)
  • Tours
  • Fundraising
  • Special Events

I have a suggestion for a programme; who do I contact?
Please contact Michele Duerksen, Recreation Coordinator, email: Recreation Coordinator.

How do I make a donation to Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors?
To make a donation, please email:  NHCS President
A receipt will be issued for tax purposes. 

I have a housing, or other social services question; who do I call?
NHCS deals primarily with social activity rather than housing, financial or matters concerning transportation, or elder crisis.  Click on this LINK to a list of services which has been compiled over the course of the last several years.  Our plan is to make timely additions and/or amendments, as they are learned. 

Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors' annual operational costs are subsidized through the City of Nanaimo's Parks, Recreation and Culture Services. Membership fees contribute towards these costs. 

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