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Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors (NHCS) is a volunteer organization that provides opportunities for all senior citizens 60+ years to participate in and lead more meaningful, active, healthy and complete lives in our community.  Join an activitiy and make new friends.

Happy New year 2018 to everyone!

 Activity Groups

Check your weather forecast before leaving

We have a  2-page NHCS Brochure on the benefits of joining NHCS.  Please read and print it, and hand it out to others who might be interested in joining us.  Find it here.

For general information about NHCS Activities - click HERE,

And for more detailed information on many of the NHCS Activity Groups  - click HERE. 

If you are part of an NHCS activity that doesn't have a write-up on this site then please email us your write-up at

Find Your Acitivty's Location

For Google Maps showing NHCS locations click HERE. And the City has a series of Virtual Tours of facilities including Bowen Complex and Oliver Woods Centre - see them HERE.


If sight problems have stopped you from playing outdoor sports in the summer, maybe it’s time to try lawn bowling.


Nanaimo Lawn Bowling Club has an active section for visually impaired people.  Now is  the time to think about joining in 2018.


Click HERE for more information.

Waste collection schedule available at
April 2017

If you are color blind or need help reading your collection schedule follow the instructions above.


NDRC identifes needs and offers programs and servics to help those with temporary or permanent disabilities better cope within their community.
  • Do you need a Disability Parking Permit?
  • Got a disability and you drive?  Then find out what income tax benefits you can claim on your income tax for your gas and save.  
Want to join the computer age?  Then check this out.

Free Computer and Technology Training through NDRC
April 2017

Email Contact:
Tel:   250-758-5547

Volunteers Needed

The Canadian Red Cross Society is seeking volunteers for the Nanaimo and surrounding area Health Equipment Loan and Disaster Management programs.  Call toll free 1-855-995-3529.

Check out the poster HERE for more information.

Bowen Park Complex
500 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, BC


 Board of Directors

Your current Board of Directors would like to
thank all members who participate in the many programs that are offered.  You make the difference!

    2017-2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Goals and Objectives of our Society

The Terms of Reference of NHCS

 Coming - the draft minutes from our last Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 18, 2017 

The latest available Board Meeting Minutes
(Sept. 2017). Previous minutes can be read here.


Living Series Coming Feb. 2018
Dec 2017


Volunteer Awards of Excellence

Award of Exemplary Volunteer Service - Grant Mckenzie
                       Last Updated Oct. 23, 2017

“The Award for Exemplary Service” was presented to Grant McKenzie on September 14,2017, at a regular session of Beginners Bridge.  Nomination for this award is by one’s peers; the first qualification being that oe must have been a volunteer with in the NHCSS program for at least ten years.  Grant has been a volunteer in several quarters, including the Darts program and Beginners Bridge for so long that there is no written record of the actual beginningof his volunteer service!  Thank you, Grant, for all your contributions!”

President Bettie Godfrie presented

2017 Awards of Excellence

2017 Awards of Excellence for Volunteer Service
 Joy Vikstrom (L) and Judy Dieno (R)  Updated Aug 2017

for over 20 years of volunteer service to the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Society.   We would like to offer our Congratulations and a BIG THANK YOU to each of them for their  dedication and many years of hard work!!!!!!!  

Seniors Activities Programs

To discover the fun activities we have organized for your enjoyment simply click on the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Programs for Adults 60+ image below.

To become a member simply visit any Parks and Recreation facility (Bowen Park Complex,  Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, Beban Park or Oliver Woods Community Centre) in person, present your ID and register.  You won't regret it!  
Click on  January/February 2018 Program Guide below to open

  January and February 2018 Program Guide
Dec 2017

Click for the Daily Program Schedule.  It is  also found on the 2nd last page of the issue above .

The previous issue can be read by clicking here.

In keeping with new beginnings, we have renamed the NHCS "Newsletter" to Programs for Adults 60+. We feel that this more aptly describes our guide.  Want to share your thoughts on this name, email us at  

The latest newsletter is published regularly every 2 months on the 3rd Thursday.

Looking for other activities?  Click on Parks and Recreation's Program Guide below.


The Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Society is looking for a new webmaster.  Anyone interested in this positon please email
Please share this with someone who you think could help us out.  You don't need to be a NHCS member.
Updated Sept. 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ  section on this website to find  answers to your questions about membership and the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors Association.
Updated June 2016


We welcome your feedback by email here.

If you have any photos or videos of NHCS activities, and you'd like to share them, then you can email them from here.

Email here   if you have comments or queries on NHCS or this web-site

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